Thursday, July 9, 2009

Starting the New Year @ Wipro Cares EOTO Mumbai.

Welcome back after the "Refreshing Summer Vaccation".

This year we will incorporate the learnings of the last year, and make this year's engagement even more better.

The Plan agreed by the WCM-EOTO Council, is as

A. Each of the Council Member will drive a focused initiative, and will be responsible for end to end Delivery of the "Theme".

B. We have 6 themes for this year. Each Theme will span over 3-5 weekends, and be Owned and driven by the Theme Owner.

1. Thinking & Creativity - Vijay
2. Arts & Craft - Deepanwita
3. Career Skills - Hrishikesh
4. Computers - Chakradhar
5. Self & Social Skills - Lini
6. Extra Curricular Activities - Mita

C. The objective of each theme owner is to own and drive end to end engagement for that theme. The engagement will cover
1. Initialization - Gauge the current levels of competency / understanding of the children.
2. Plan - Arange for pre-requisites/stationary. Plan for Volunteers. Lesson Plans.
3. Execute - Enable & Get the volunteers to deliver the lesson plan as per the Plan.
4. Closure & Analysis. Q&A & Competitions to gauge the effectiveness of each theme. This will also help us to understand the liking of the children for specific topics.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Calling volunteers for Get-Out-The-Vote drives!

Dear all,

One of the key goals of the Jaago-re One Billion Voters campaigns for the 2009 general elections is to ensure the higher voter turnout in the metros of India .
The get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts of the One Billion voters campaign are centered around mobilizing and facilitating citizen volunteer to conduct door to door drive in there polling booths (approx 200 houses) prior to election day, in a non partisan manner. These citizens’ volunteers are called Booth level volunteers or BLV’s.
The objective of a BLV is to ensure maximum voter turnout in his/her polling booth and to inform people about making informed voting decisions after evaluating all candidates.
It is not required for one to be a registered voter to become a BLV.
Calling volunteers for Get-Out-The-Vote drives! Be part of the training sessions to become a Booth Level Volunteer.Entry Free!
Date: 21st April 2009
Time: 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.
Venue: St Anne's High School Hall,
C/o Our Lady of Lourdes Church ,
Marve Road , Malad West
Mumbai - 400 064
Date: 22nd April 2009
Time: 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.
Venue: Salvation Hall
Portuguese Church , Dadar [W]
Mumbai - 400 028


Date: 24th April 2009
Time: 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.
Venue: Lake Castle Podium
Behind Lake Castle Building
Cliff Avenue , Near Reliance World
Hiranandani Garden Complex
Powai, Mumbai - 400 076


Date: 25th April 2009
Time: 6.00 to 8.00 p.m.
Venue: Mount Carmel Hall
Next to St Aloysius School , Opp Leelavati Hospital ,
Bandra Reclamation
Mumbai - 400 050
You may get in touch with self or Prashant for registering yourself as a volunteer. Prashant is from Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship & Democracy.

His contact details are as follows:
Prashant Nanaware & Asim SiddiquiOutreach Associate (west)

Jaago Re! One Billion Votes campaign Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship & Democracy

Mbl: 098929 42628Office: (91-22) 40009241Fax: (91-22) 66936496

Email ID: prashant@janaagraha.orgVisit on:

Thanks & Best Regards
Abhishek Mulmule 9820538099

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Trip to Nehru Planetarium & Science Centre.

Trip to Nehru Planetarium & Science Centre.

Wiprocares very first trip for children to Nehru Planetarium & Science centre (15th March 09) turned out to be really good. Our journey began at 10:15a.m from Tata Compound and we making merry, singing songs reached Nehru Science Centre at 11:00.

Children got the opportunity to see some tricks of chemistry, physics in a mini-show conducted by a representative of the Centre.
There were number of galleries in the centre, namely, Fun with Science, Sound, Light & Vision,Computers which we explored.
The visit to all the galleries proved to be fruitful as the information was showcased through different games,visuals etc. Information clubbed with fun always remains in memory.....Children had a blast there...
At around 12:45 we moved on to Nehru planetarium. The show was to start at 1:30p.m
Before the show, in the main hall, an AV about India’s endeavor in Astronomy was played.
We all then walked towards the Sky Theatre to enter into the amazing world of stars and the universe waiting to unfold its mystery.

The show was a visual treat with information on planets,constellations,galaxies etc. It lasted for about 45mins after which we started on our way back home.
The entire experience was indeed educational filled with fun and enjoyment. The smiling faces of children said all.We all will cherish the time spent with them and look forward to organize such events in future.
The Following were the Volunteers who came along on the Trip
1. Mita N
2. Glenn P
3. Deepanwita M
4. Shweta B
5. Nibha B
6. Vijay Khanna (Off-Line Support)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WCM & EOTO Update.

In view of the annual exams , session for the Sat, Feb 28 stand cancelled .
As per of our education initiative , a visit to the Nehru Planetarium is being planned.
Nehru Planetarium has shows on astronomy , these are designed to cater to children .
Tentative date should be a Sunday , between March & April .
All are invited !
Read this space for further update on the trip!

Updated 10 March 2009.

We have frozen 15th March- Sunday for the Field Trip. We are organizing for the Show at 1.30 pm in Marathi. Total number of students expected : 55.

We will be circulating an internal email to the Volunteers to decide on next steps. Do get in touch with us via Email.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eco Tourism & Initiatives

Came across a good initiative which I realised while I was browsing through the internet on tree conservation . There is a site called which gives an opportunity for individuals in different capacities , groups including corporates and students to explore the wonders of nature and be consicous towards it .
This is a wonderful concept which can be used by schools including the one we are focussing on to make students aware on the environment and enjoy it too ...
I suppose every school can create a charter of Eco awareness sessions through personal awareness by making the students visits places and understand the different flora and fauna .
A visit to a Planetorium , Aquarium , zoo , park or bird sanctuary can also be extensions to the same eco tourism concept .Its a small way in making people like it and then make them aware that if they want it , we need to preserve , conserve and support it .

Monday, February 16, 2009

WCM-EOTO: 28 Feb 09 : Reading & Comprehension...continues

Due to the upcoming examinations, children have a day off from the EOTO activities on 21st Feb 09.

Pre Activity Plan
The WCM-EOTO volunteers plan to spend the week as well focussing on reading and comprehension with reinforcement of certain concepts shared during the 14th Feb session. The outline of activities for the two hours is as follows:

1. Word Games - 20-30 mins (overall)
Word jumbles designed from the new words learnt by the students last week would be used for this game. Also match-the-columns --> words with their meanings. Finally 'find words within larger words' would be played. These games would be played at the start of the session and in between the session and time permitting towards the end of the session.

2. Reading Comprehension - 45 mins
The comprehension passage - African Elephant which is of a higher complexity of the passages used last week would be used.

3. Sentence Formation with focus on articles, vowels and consonants - 45 mins
Students would be given worksheets where they would need to fill the missing articles. Also introduction to vowels and consonants would be covered through such sentences.

4. Best outline story
The completed stories from the outline of 'The Tongue-cut Sparrow' would be collected and evaluated over the next weekend. The student coming up with the best effort would be given a prize during the next week's session.

Friday, February 13, 2009

WCM-EOTO: 14 Feb 09 : Reading & Comprehension

Pre-Activity Plan

The WCM-EOTO volunteers plan to spend this Saturday concentrating on English reading & comprehension skills. The outline of activities for the couple of hours is as follows:

1. Word Games - 15-30 mins

Through games such as word jumbles, find words within larger words, guess the meanings of words; assessment of the current levels of comprehension and comfort of the students with English would be done.

2. Reading Comprehension - 90 mins

Four comprehension passages have been selected by the volunteers with increasing levels of complexity and exercises attached to each. The children would read aloud the passages and attempt the subsequent exercises which further English comprehension skills, sentence formation and vocabulary; one by one. The selected comprehension passages consist of fiction and informative ones. The passages selected are as follows: Level 1: (i)Wishes & (ii) Woodcutter's Axe; Level 2: (i) African Elephant & (ii) Columbus. The first student to complete each comprehension with most number of correct answers would be given a prize.

3. Story writing - 15 mins

The plan for next week consists of taking further steps on strengthen the childrens' ability to form English sentences and an outline story passage would be shared with the students towards the end of the day's proceedings. The children need to write a story based on the outline and along with the moral of the story.

Post-Activity Brief
The activities this week revolved around improving the spoken English skills of the children through reading & comprehension passages. The volunteers this week included 1) Mita Naik, 2) Hrishikesh Chawda, 3) Asha Veigas, 4) Lini Karanath, 5) Deepanwita Mukherjee, 6) Glenn Pereira and 7) Heena Hinduja.

The activities began with a game where the children being given to solve some jumbled words. From amongst the students, Sunil Mane got all the 7 words correct and earned a prize for himself. The game took about 20 minutes time.

Post this activity, the reading comprehension exercise started with 2 passages being covered this week - 1) Wishes and 2) The Woodcutter's axe. Both are fictional passages with a pertinent moral suited for young minds to imbibe. Students started reading the comprehension passages aloud and were encouraged to decipher the meaning of each sentence one by one. Thereafter exercises with multiple choice questions and writing brief answers to questions were solved by the students and this time again, Sunil Mane got a prize for solving all the questions correctly.

In between these exercises, volunteers focussed on English grammer specifically on verbs and use of singular and plural words in sentences. This was to reinforce some basics of sentence formation amongst the students.

The proceedings for the day ended with students being given an outline of the story - 'The Tongue-cut Sparrow'. Students need to complete the story from the outline and submit next week. This is to further encourage the sentence construction activities started this week.

Monday, February 9, 2009

WCM : EOTO : 14 Feb 2009

Plan for 14th Feb 2009 Session.
The Plan for this weeks session is

1. Explain and test the is/are/this/these words.
2. Explain and Test English Comprehension.

Worksheets will be provided to Students with the activities, they will be explained first the Key Concepts, and then they will be asked to solve the Worksheets of their own. Post the session. The Answers will be discussed.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions.

If your Question remains un-answered, Please Post Your comments to this Blog Section.

We will surely address the Query.


Q : What is the Each One Teach One initiative all about ?
A : This a Volunteer based initiative, where in the Interested Volunteers come meet on Saturday's at the School premises, and teach Life Skills to the underpriviledged Children.
The current themes planned are
Academics (Comprehension, Letter Writing, Story Telling, Group Discussion, Debates, Elocution, Mathemetics)
Life Skills (Drawing, Crafts, Personality Development, Understanding Bank system, General Knoweldge, Team Building.

Q : How much time do we spend at the School ?
A : We spend about 3 hours every Saturday.
15 minutes to synchronize the team on the Plan for the Day.
2 Hours (9 am till 11 am) - Activity Time.
15 to 45 Minutes - Discussion between Volunteers on Learnings, and planning for next session.

Q : Where is the School Located ?
A : It is Located at Andheri.
Tata Municipal School, Signal after Andheri Shoppers Stop (Towards Churchgate), Near Fire brigade station, Tata compound

Q : What are the Pre-Requisites for Volunteering ?
A : No Specific requisites, except for the fact that you should love doing what you want to do.

Q : How are the Themes Decided ?
A : The Volunteers plan post the activity on Saturdays. And then post their comments on the Blog. In between the Week we exchange couple of emails and Phone Calls to Concretize the plan.

Q : Do i need to Contribute Financially to participate ?
A : It is not mandatory to Contribute for the Volunteers to Participate.

Q : I have an Idea and want to organize a Theme for a weekend, it will also require to buy some Stationary items, how do i go about this ?
A : Good Show, We welcome such Theme Ideas from the Volunteers. Kindly Post the Idea as a Comment. We will deliberate on the Same in the Weekly review and allocate a timeslot on suitable Weekend for you.
Post the Theme Approval by the Group. The Stationary Items List can be passed on to the Coordinator (Currently it is Vijay Khanna). He will ensure they are purchased and brought to the Class on the Planned Day.

Q : I want to Contribute Financially to the Initiative, how do i do that ?
A : You can Contribute either one time, or monthly/Yearly via Automatic Salary Debit Instruction to Wipro. To do this Kindly Visit the Url on Mywipro.
MyWipro ->Employee Services ->My Forums -> Wipro Cares -> Contribute

Some Themes for Activities : Author - Lini K

Sharing couple of Ideas with the team for next activities.
Volunteers and visitors can please provide comments to the same.

A) Theme - Be On Your Own

1) Basics of Saving ( 3 weeks)
Objective : Would be focussed on making students aware on savings and inculcate the habit os saving

Cover basic mathematics used for managing your own accounts
Will explains the benefits of savings
Will cover on basics of interests calculations and various accounts in banks
Will explain how to open to account and will make then open a account with a minimum basic
Review the savings every quarter

2) Handlings Emergencies (1 week)
Objective : Awareness on basic emergency information.
Awareness on basic emergencies during flood , fire and earthquake
Critical Emergency numbers
B) Theme - Know your Environment :

1) Natural Energy ( 3 weeks)
Objective : Awareness on making the students aware on impact of environmental changes

Environmental Awareness - Energy sources Awareness on Global Warming
Ways on How to Save Energy How to read aplliance enerygy guide
Will have a Practice excercise with a Project on Conducting a School Energy Audit
2) Pollution (2 weeks)
Objective : Awareness on making the students aware on impact of environmental changes

Awareness on Pollution
Basic 25 Indoor Air tips for a better Living
How to reduce Pollution
3) Waste Management :(2 weeks)
Objective : Awareness on making the students aware on reusing waste and improve the negative impact on environment
Waste Mgmt awareness
Impact of waste on environment
How to reuse waste for energy using bio gas
Project : Explore making Biodegradable for the plants in the school

C) Theme - Know youself

1) Hygiene:(1 week)
Objective : Awareness on self hygiene

Basic Hygiene Habits
Oral hygieneDiseases that hit the CIty and the basic prevention mechanism

2) Career Counselling (2 weeks)
Objective : Awareness on different career options available

Career options available
One of One sessions with each student on their strengths and choices of careers
Give options of courses

Preparation : Would need to get a career counsellor to assess and understand their capabilities versus their career options available

Thursday, February 5, 2009

WCM-EOTO : 7 Feb 09 : Drawing and Craft Activity

Pre-Activity Plan
The Plan for Coming Saturday is
1. Introduction to Benefits of good Drawing & Craft Skills. - 15 Min
Introduce the Children to advantages of good Drawing & Craft Skills.
Talk about the Career options & usage at home .
Teach them basic shapes, Human Body Proportions, Basics of Sketching.

2.Conduct a Drawing Competition between the Children - 1 Hr.
This is an Open Ended Competition, No Specific Topics. Children are free to draw and paint whatever they want to..The best 3 Drawings will be given a Prize.

3. Teach Creative Crafts - 45 Min
Our Chief-Guest/Volunteer for the Week is Priti Patel..(Welcome On-Board Priti)
Priti as we know is a highly creative person and would add a lot of value to a session dedicated on drawing and crafts.

The Key Theme for Crafts is Cost Effectiveness & Best from Waste.
Items to be taught
  • Photo Frame
  • Wall Hanging
  • Lamp Shades
  • Vegetable Printing.

Post Activity Brief
Our Activities for the day were Drawing Competetion and Crafts.

Preeti Teacher took a 20 Minutes Session explaining the Sketching Basics.

An Enthusiastic Group from HDFC Standard Life MIT team along with Varsha from HR voluntered for the Crafts Session.

The Best 5 Student Drawings were given Story Books as Prizes, and appreciation for the next 5 Best.
Some Snaps.

Enthusiastic Group of Craft Teachers.

Gayatri, Hrshikesh, Naina, Meghna, , Swapna, Kasturi .

Varsha from HR also Volunteered for Crafts Session.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lets Vote..

जागोरे ! ! !

Before Independence, Bal Gangadhar Tilak had given us this mantra "Swaraj is my Birth Right and I shall Have it"

Today once again we need to be free, need to have a corruption free system which is Of the people, From the people and By the people.

To make this possible we need to follow the new mantra which says "To Vote is my Birth Right and I shall Have it"

Jaago Re inspires us to do so and Wipro Cares is working closely with Jaago re Team to help acquire Voter's ID for each and every Wiproite. Lets join the Jaago Re gang.
You are just 5 steps away from getting a Voter's ID for yourself :
1) Register yourself on - Steps are Self explanatory
2) Take print of the Voter's ID form and sign it. The Guidlines for further processing are mentioned in the Form.
3) Attach the Age Proof and Address Proof Document with the Voter's ID Form - Find guidlines in the Voter's ID Form.
4) Visit the ERO(Election Registration Officer) of your nearest AC(Assembly Constituency).
5) Confirm your submission to JaagoRe so that your voter status is continuously tracked.
Forms will be accepted by EROs from 27th Jan 2009। So gearup, be ready with your Forms and proofs.
-------------Blog Contents Courtesy : Hrishikesh Chawda-----------

Education : Each One Teach One

Welcome to the MicroSite (Each One Teach One) ....

We are a group of Mumbai based Wipro'ites, who drive the Each One Teach One Initiative.This Initiative has been started with the Objective of imparting Life Skills to the Children. We are currently in the Second Month of Operations.

Currently we meet every Saturday for 2 hours at " Tata Municipal School, Signal after Andheri Shoppers Stop (Towards Churchgate), Near Fire brigade station, Tata compound."The Children are from 8th, 9th, 10th Standard (Vernacular Medium)

The Activities completed are
1. Computers :- What is Email, Creating Email ID's, How to send and Check Email, How to Use Google.

2. Basic English :- Say a few sentences about yourself, Story Enacting.

The Activities Planned for the Month of Feb are
1. 7 Feb 09 :-
a. Drawing & Craft Competition.
b. General Knowledge test.

2. 14 Feb 09:-
a. Creating a Story from Outline. Children will be given important key words from a well known Story, and asked to speak out the Story in their own Words using the Key Words as reference.
b. General Knowledge teaching and test (States and Capitals, Cleanliness, Current Affairs)

3. 21 Feb 09:-
a. English Comprehension :-Children will be given a small passage, and a list of Questions below it. Children have to find the answers of the questions from the passage in a time based activity.

b. Answer from a Picture. A Picture will be provided, and children have to use their own Words to Answer the questions, based on the facts in the Picture.We are looking for good ideas for teaching the children. Do Share the Ideas which can be executed (Taught) in 2 hour sessions, and help the children with Life Skills.

The Active Group Members are ( In alphabetical Order)
Ashish Sabale
Bharath Shetty
Chakradhar Mishra
Deepanwita Mukherjee
Glenn Pereira
Hrishikesh Chawda
Lini Karanath
Mita Naik
Prabuddha Majumdar
Sharmila Paranjpe
Shweta Bhandary
Vijay Khanna