Friday, February 5, 2010

The Year that was..2009.

Hi Friends,
Last year was quite busy for most of the Volunteers. Thanks to Economy, most of the team was stretched. This also led to not so good Blog updates, but the key activities continued.

The last year we had focused on
1. Personality Development
2. Positive Mental Attitude
3. Lateral Thinking, 6 Thinking Hats
4. 7 Habits of Teens ( We actually bought couple of books, and tried to make our own lesson plans).
5. English. Thanks to Hrishikesh, we were able to get a decent urge in the children to focus on this.
6. Calligraphy. Mita Teacher was voted the most favourite volunteer, unanimously by the all the children. This was one thing the children actually wanted more and more of. we could sense that they actually get bored by lot of "Talks and Theory". This class used to have most enthusiasm.

More on this years plan, in some time..Post our Board meeting.