Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eco Tourism & Initiatives

Came across a good initiative which I realised while I was browsing through the internet on tree conservation . There is a site called www.ecomantra.com which gives an opportunity for individuals in different capacities , groups including corporates and students to explore the wonders of nature and be consicous towards it .
This is a wonderful concept which can be used by schools including the one we are focussing on to make students aware on the environment and enjoy it too ...
I suppose every school can create a charter of Eco awareness sessions through personal awareness by making the students visits places and understand the different flora and fauna .
A visit to a Planetorium , Aquarium , zoo , park or bird sanctuary can also be extensions to the same eco tourism concept .Its a small way in making people like it and then make them aware that if they want it , we need to preserve , conserve and support it .

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