Thursday, July 9, 2009

Starting the New Year @ Wipro Cares EOTO Mumbai.

Welcome back after the "Refreshing Summer Vaccation".

This year we will incorporate the learnings of the last year, and make this year's engagement even more better.

The Plan agreed by the WCM-EOTO Council, is as

A. Each of the Council Member will drive a focused initiative, and will be responsible for end to end Delivery of the "Theme".

B. We have 6 themes for this year. Each Theme will span over 3-5 weekends, and be Owned and driven by the Theme Owner.

1. Thinking & Creativity - Vijay
2. Arts & Craft - Deepanwita
3. Career Skills - Hrishikesh
4. Computers - Chakradhar
5. Self & Social Skills - Lini
6. Extra Curricular Activities - Mita

C. The objective of each theme owner is to own and drive end to end engagement for that theme. The engagement will cover
1. Initialization - Gauge the current levels of competency / understanding of the children.
2. Plan - Arange for pre-requisites/stationary. Plan for Volunteers. Lesson Plans.
3. Execute - Enable & Get the volunteers to deliver the lesson plan as per the Plan.
4. Closure & Analysis. Q&A & Competitions to gauge the effectiveness of each theme. This will also help us to understand the liking of the children for specific topics.