Friday, February 6, 2009

Some Themes for Activities : Author - Lini K

Sharing couple of Ideas with the team for next activities.
Volunteers and visitors can please provide comments to the same.

A) Theme - Be On Your Own

1) Basics of Saving ( 3 weeks)
Objective : Would be focussed on making students aware on savings and inculcate the habit os saving

Cover basic mathematics used for managing your own accounts
Will explains the benefits of savings
Will cover on basics of interests calculations and various accounts in banks
Will explain how to open to account and will make then open a account with a minimum basic
Review the savings every quarter

2) Handlings Emergencies (1 week)
Objective : Awareness on basic emergency information.
Awareness on basic emergencies during flood , fire and earthquake
Critical Emergency numbers
B) Theme - Know your Environment :

1) Natural Energy ( 3 weeks)
Objective : Awareness on making the students aware on impact of environmental changes

Environmental Awareness - Energy sources Awareness on Global Warming
Ways on How to Save Energy How to read aplliance enerygy guide
Will have a Practice excercise with a Project on Conducting a School Energy Audit
2) Pollution (2 weeks)
Objective : Awareness on making the students aware on impact of environmental changes

Awareness on Pollution
Basic 25 Indoor Air tips for a better Living
How to reduce Pollution
3) Waste Management :(2 weeks)
Objective : Awareness on making the students aware on reusing waste and improve the negative impact on environment
Waste Mgmt awareness
Impact of waste on environment
How to reuse waste for energy using bio gas
Project : Explore making Biodegradable for the plants in the school

C) Theme - Know youself

1) Hygiene:(1 week)
Objective : Awareness on self hygiene

Basic Hygiene Habits
Oral hygieneDiseases that hit the CIty and the basic prevention mechanism

2) Career Counselling (2 weeks)
Objective : Awareness on different career options available

Career options available
One of One sessions with each student on their strengths and choices of careers
Give options of courses

Preparation : Would need to get a career counsellor to assess and understand their capabilities versus their career options available

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  1. Hey Frnds ,

    For the above activities which need planning lets work out some topics for eaech volunteers so that we can prepare on the same.

    1) Vijay has volunteered to explore the saving options with the Banks for kids
    2) I have done a round of discussion with the Career Counsellor , would share the details soon.

    We can explore the other topics. Share your thoughts