Friday, February 6, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Q : What is the Each One Teach One initiative all about ?
A : This a Volunteer based initiative, where in the Interested Volunteers come meet on Saturday's at the School premises, and teach Life Skills to the underpriviledged Children.
The current themes planned are
Academics (Comprehension, Letter Writing, Story Telling, Group Discussion, Debates, Elocution, Mathemetics)
Life Skills (Drawing, Crafts, Personality Development, Understanding Bank system, General Knoweldge, Team Building.

Q : How much time do we spend at the School ?
A : We spend about 3 hours every Saturday.
15 minutes to synchronize the team on the Plan for the Day.
2 Hours (9 am till 11 am) - Activity Time.
15 to 45 Minutes - Discussion between Volunteers on Learnings, and planning for next session.

Q : Where is the School Located ?
A : It is Located at Andheri.
Tata Municipal School, Signal after Andheri Shoppers Stop (Towards Churchgate), Near Fire brigade station, Tata compound

Q : What are the Pre-Requisites for Volunteering ?
A : No Specific requisites, except for the fact that you should love doing what you want to do.

Q : How are the Themes Decided ?
A : The Volunteers plan post the activity on Saturdays. And then post their comments on the Blog. In between the Week we exchange couple of emails and Phone Calls to Concretize the plan.

Q : Do i need to Contribute Financially to participate ?
A : It is not mandatory to Contribute for the Volunteers to Participate.

Q : I have an Idea and want to organize a Theme for a weekend, it will also require to buy some Stationary items, how do i go about this ?
A : Good Show, We welcome such Theme Ideas from the Volunteers. Kindly Post the Idea as a Comment. We will deliberate on the Same in the Weekly review and allocate a timeslot on suitable Weekend for you.
Post the Theme Approval by the Group. The Stationary Items List can be passed on to the Coordinator (Currently it is Vijay Khanna). He will ensure they are purchased and brought to the Class on the Planned Day.

Q : I want to Contribute Financially to the Initiative, how do i do that ?
A : You can Contribute either one time, or monthly/Yearly via Automatic Salary Debit Instruction to Wipro. To do this Kindly Visit the Url on Mywipro.
MyWipro ->Employee Services ->My Forums -> Wipro Cares -> Contribute

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