Monday, February 2, 2009

Education : Each One Teach One

Welcome to the MicroSite (Each One Teach One) ....

We are a group of Mumbai based Wipro'ites, who drive the Each One Teach One Initiative.This Initiative has been started with the Objective of imparting Life Skills to the Children. We are currently in the Second Month of Operations.

Currently we meet every Saturday for 2 hours at " Tata Municipal School, Signal after Andheri Shoppers Stop (Towards Churchgate), Near Fire brigade station, Tata compound."The Children are from 8th, 9th, 10th Standard (Vernacular Medium)

The Activities completed are
1. Computers :- What is Email, Creating Email ID's, How to send and Check Email, How to Use Google.

2. Basic English :- Say a few sentences about yourself, Story Enacting.

The Activities Planned for the Month of Feb are
1. 7 Feb 09 :-
a. Drawing & Craft Competition.
b. General Knowledge test.

2. 14 Feb 09:-
a. Creating a Story from Outline. Children will be given important key words from a well known Story, and asked to speak out the Story in their own Words using the Key Words as reference.
b. General Knowledge teaching and test (States and Capitals, Cleanliness, Current Affairs)

3. 21 Feb 09:-
a. English Comprehension :-Children will be given a small passage, and a list of Questions below it. Children have to find the answers of the questions from the passage in a time based activity.

b. Answer from a Picture. A Picture will be provided, and children have to use their own Words to Answer the questions, based on the facts in the Picture.We are looking for good ideas for teaching the children. Do Share the Ideas which can be executed (Taught) in 2 hour sessions, and help the children with Life Skills.

The Active Group Members are ( In alphabetical Order)
Ashish Sabale
Bharath Shetty
Chakradhar Mishra
Deepanwita Mukherjee
Glenn Pereira
Hrishikesh Chawda
Lini Karanath
Mita Naik
Prabuddha Majumdar
Sharmila Paranjpe
Shweta Bhandary
Vijay Khanna


  1. Congratulations for taking the first step towards a new India...

  2. I am very Happy to be a part of such a great cause for the growth of INDIA and the Indian. Please consider these two helping hands in service always.

  3. Hi guys, this is a brilliant piece of contribution from you guys. Keep it up and always remember "when going gets tough, tough gets going" -Sachin.

  4. Great initiative guys, way to go..I am putting this url in my orkut and facebook profile and will request all my friends / contacts to follow suit..Buland

  5. Great work guys.. I know we always say -- we have to do this, somne one has to do that and blah blah... it takes a lot of efforts to put forward that first step which you all have taken... congrats !! -- Madhusudan Kudalkar

  6. Social workers have such a big contribution to make towards the wellness of the world that the more our voice gets out there, the better it is for all of us. doing best to promote the greatness of the social work bloggers out there..All the best

    -- Tushar Bagad