Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Trip to Nehru Planetarium & Science Centre.

Trip to Nehru Planetarium & Science Centre.

Wiprocares very first trip for children to Nehru Planetarium & Science centre (15th March 09) turned out to be really good. Our journey began at 10:15a.m from Tata Compound and we making merry, singing songs reached Nehru Science Centre at 11:00.

Children got the opportunity to see some tricks of chemistry, physics in a mini-show conducted by a representative of the Centre.
There were number of galleries in the centre, namely, Fun with Science, Sound, Light & Vision,Computers which we explored.
The visit to all the galleries proved to be fruitful as the information was showcased through different games,visuals etc. Information clubbed with fun always remains in memory.....Children had a blast there...
At around 12:45 we moved on to Nehru planetarium. The show was to start at 1:30p.m
Before the show, in the main hall, an AV about India’s endeavor in Astronomy was played.
We all then walked towards the Sky Theatre to enter into the amazing world of stars and the universe waiting to unfold its mystery.

The show was a visual treat with information on planets,constellations,galaxies etc. It lasted for about 45mins after which we started on our way back home.
The entire experience was indeed educational filled with fun and enjoyment. The smiling faces of children said all.We all will cherish the time spent with them and look forward to organize such events in future.
The Following were the Volunteers who came along on the Trip
1. Mita N
2. Glenn P
3. Deepanwita M
4. Shweta B
5. Nibha B
6. Vijay Khanna (Off-Line Support)

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  1. An ACE photographer was hired for covering the trip. The snaps talk about her work & she did not charge a penny!