Monday, February 16, 2009

WCM-EOTO: 28 Feb 09 : Reading & Comprehension...continues

Due to the upcoming examinations, children have a day off from the EOTO activities on 21st Feb 09.

Pre Activity Plan
The WCM-EOTO volunteers plan to spend the week as well focussing on reading and comprehension with reinforcement of certain concepts shared during the 14th Feb session. The outline of activities for the two hours is as follows:

1. Word Games - 20-30 mins (overall)
Word jumbles designed from the new words learnt by the students last week would be used for this game. Also match-the-columns --> words with their meanings. Finally 'find words within larger words' would be played. These games would be played at the start of the session and in between the session and time permitting towards the end of the session.

2. Reading Comprehension - 45 mins
The comprehension passage - African Elephant which is of a higher complexity of the passages used last week would be used.

3. Sentence Formation with focus on articles, vowels and consonants - 45 mins
Students would be given worksheets where they would need to fill the missing articles. Also introduction to vowels and consonants would be covered through such sentences.

4. Best outline story
The completed stories from the outline of 'The Tongue-cut Sparrow' would be collected and evaluated over the next weekend. The student coming up with the best effort would be given a prize during the next week's session.

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