Monday, February 2, 2009

Lets Vote..

जागोरे ! ! !

Before Independence, Bal Gangadhar Tilak had given us this mantra "Swaraj is my Birth Right and I shall Have it"

Today once again we need to be free, need to have a corruption free system which is Of the people, From the people and By the people.

To make this possible we need to follow the new mantra which says "To Vote is my Birth Right and I shall Have it"

Jaago Re inspires us to do so and Wipro Cares is working closely with Jaago re Team to help acquire Voter's ID for each and every Wiproite. Lets join the Jaago Re gang.
You are just 5 steps away from getting a Voter's ID for yourself :
1) Register yourself on - Steps are Self explanatory
2) Take print of the Voter's ID form and sign it. The Guidlines for further processing are mentioned in the Form.
3) Attach the Age Proof and Address Proof Document with the Voter's ID Form - Find guidlines in the Voter's ID Form.
4) Visit the ERO(Election Registration Officer) of your nearest AC(Assembly Constituency).
5) Confirm your submission to JaagoRe so that your voter status is continuously tracked.
Forms will be accepted by EROs from 27th Jan 2009। So gearup, be ready with your Forms and proofs.
-------------Blog Contents Courtesy : Hrishikesh Chawda-----------

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  1. Good Thoughts Hrishikesh & Vijay.